Vegan Mac and Cheese
Cocina: Italian
Raciones: 2
  • 250gr Macaroni
  • Three small potatoes
  • One carrot
  • 1 small spoon salt
  • 1 Spoonful lemon juice
  • ½ cup nutritional yeast (35 grams)
  • ½ small spoon garlic powder
  • ½ small spoon onion powder
  1. We put the macaroni into a cooking pot with water, oil and salt, we wait until they are cooked, look at your package instructions to see how long does it takes.
  2. Take out the macaroni and drain, put some olive oil and stir so do not stick.
  3. In a cooking pot, place the potatoes and the carrot diced for 20 minutes until they are cooked.
  4. Drain the vegetables and add the rest of ingredients except the macaroni and mix them with a blender so you get a smooth sauce similar to melted cheese.
  5. Once we have our "Cheddar Cheese" add the cheese with the macaroni, so everything is well mixed.
  6. Finally if you like, you can add on top some of the Parmesan Cheese I have talked before (it is on the blog)
  7. Put the Macaroni into the oven and Grill for 5 minutes until they are gold and crispy.
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